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Registering IP rights

Good ideas need protection.

Thoughts are free. Their power results in the creation of innovative designs, products, processes and services. In order to be able to benefit from these ideas financially, long-term protection against imitators and plagiarists is required.
Intellectual property rights such as trademarks, patents, and designs, prevent third parties from using protected products or trademarks in trade. Intellectual property can be effectively protected both nationally and internationally using existing IP rights systems.
With our expertise in law and technology, we are able to provide you with in-depth advice about the options for protecting all intellectual property rights, both on a national and international scale. This is because our specialist lawyers, patent attorneys, engineers, physicists, and chemists have been working together at Schneiders & Behrendt since the very start.
Before registering, the following must be clarified:

  • Whether the potential registration is legally defensible
  • Whether third parties have possibly already submitted registrations or established IP rights
  • In which areas and to what extent IP rights should and could be established

The prerequisites for IP rights vary depending on the type of protection required. We will be happy to assess whether your product or trademark fulfills the requirements for national or international registration.