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Beratung und ProzessführungConsultancy and litigation - Rechts- und Patentanwälte

Consultancy and litigation

Specific consultancy – expert enforcement.

Because our main focus is on providing general legal services and IP services in the classic areas of industrial property rights and product liability law, including associated fields, Schneiders & Behrendt is able to provide you with extensive support from a single source.

In terms of enforcement, we conduct all proceedings before the relevant courts and authorities. When it comes to technical intellectual property rights or other proceedings requiring legal and technical expertise, our lawyers and patent attorneys work together in teams in order to bundle knowledge and find client-specific solutions . In partnership with our carefully selected international colleagues, we also represent clients abroad.

In addition, we draft and accompany proceedings to safeguard evidence and research the causes of technical failure in products.

These are just some of the areas we cover:

  • Litigation both in Germany and abroad
  • Summary proceedings, enforcement of the right to inspection in the event of a lack of evidence on the part of the patent owner
  • Mediation and arbitration
  • Consultation on creating a property rights portfolio
  • Clarification of property rights status in the development of new products
  • Safeguarding employer and employee rights for employee inventions, implementing necessary structures and processes within the company
  • Consultation on legally sound design, construction, manufacture, and sale of products
  • Implementation of structures to prevent IP compliance violations