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Durchsetzung von SchutzrechtenIP enforcement and defense - Rechts- und Patentanwälte

IP enforcement and defense

The defense of intellectual property rights requires far-sightedness and efficiency.

The intelligent protection of your company’s goods and services is the first step to staying on the market. After all, brands, designs, patents, and utility patents are not only acquired in order to document intellectual property but also to protect and utilize it.

As a result of the close day-to-day collaboration between our lawyers and patent attorneys, our clients are not just protected by the ‘correct’ register law – we also keep the subsequent enforcement and defense of these rights in mind right from the point of registration.

Our expertise guarantees you lasting legal protection. Experience, creativity and efficiency enable us to find solutions that not only take into account intellectual property rights, trademarks, and designs but also competition law and copyright.

Our services include both the defense and enforcement of intellectual property, challenges to intellectual property rights of third parties, and defending against unjustified attacks.

In our firm, the following in particular play a major role:

  • Opposition and nullity proceedings
  • Inspection and border seizure proceedings
  • Written warnings and authorization requests
  • Temporary injunctions and protective letters

With our global network, we represent your interests before all German and EU courts, as well as before the following:

DPMA: Deutsches Patent und Markenamt [German Patent and Trademark Office]

EPO: European Patent Office

OHIM: Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market

WIPO: World Intellectual Property Organization

Together with our international colleagues, we ensure that your interests are understood and defended internationally, too – wherever your business requires it.