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IP ManagementIP management - Rechts- und Patentanwälte

IP management

Creating added value for your company with intellectual property.

The management of intellectual property (IP management) is constantly growing in importance for companies and, as a result of the ongoing trend to outsource production abroad, has now taken on huge significance.

Through the strategic expansion of international IP portfolios, it is possible to build up monopolies and provide protection against plagiarists and copycats. This is where Schneiders & Behrendt comes in, offering its clients in-depth consultation, with the issue of efficiency taking center stage. Schneiders & Behrendt is also the go-to address when it comes to designing corporate processes to facilitate the development of IP rights.

Depending on our client’s requirements, we work together closely with our client’s legal department and legal advisors, or, alternatively, we can fully take care of every aspect of IP management in a cost-effective way.

By reporting on the latest status of your intellectual property rights, we enable you to maintain a constant overview of your intellectual property and guarantee complete cost control. You will benefit just as much from our decades of experience as from our modern infrastructure, which enables us to reliably manage even large, international portfolios.