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Recherche und ÜberwachungResearch and monitoring - Rechts- und Patentanwälte

Research and monitoring

Keeping an eye on the essentials.

Schneiders & Behrendt gathers information regarding intellectual property rights and monitors the competition on your behalf.

Using modern databases and in partnership with research service providers, we can access the latest information about intellectual property rights in a specific and highly efficient way. Our experienced and technically well-versed legal team evaluates the information in detail. In this way, we only provide our clients with relevant information, i.e. quality over quantity. This saves time and money, and allows you to make well-informed decisions for your business.

Our services include:

  • Monitoring the competition with regard to applications for intellectual property rights
  • Trademark infringement monitoring
  • Monitoring patent office journals
  • Freedom-to-operate research
  • Innovation research to prepare for patent applications
  • Trademark research to prepare for trademark applications
  • Design patent research

We offer a broad range of research and monitoring services. In addition to our standard services, we also develop research and monitoring services that are perfectly adapted to the individual needs of our clients. Having the right information about intellectual property is often a decisive factor in extensive litigation proceedings.